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  1. In NBA 2K19, you can’t create the perfect NBA star. This means you need to carefully decide how you want to play on the court and pick which attributes you want most. Once you have finished creating your MyPlayer, the only thing you can change is his physical appearance. rvgm.com offer you Cheap NBA 2K19 MT at the best price; we assure you 100% Safe! 100% Fast! 100% Cheap! When playing games with your created player, notice the teammate grade in the upper righthand corner. It starts at a C but fluctuates both up and down based on your play. Each rebound, assist, steal, and quality shot you take adds to your teammate grade. Each turnover, bad shot, foul, and point you allow to be scored hurts your teammate grade. To be clear, you can pad the stat sheet with 30 points, five assists, and five rebounds, and still wind up with a D in the teammate grade if you don’t play defense and jack up terrible shots on loop. Ideally, you want to not try and dominate in the early days. That can be tough with wanting to be involved in every single play, but forcing shots, demanding passes and setting bad screens will lead to a poor teammate grade. You don’t want to cause a turnover, because that’s the worst possible thing to do for your team. If your rating hits a low range, your VC earnings will decrease, making it toucher to climb. Avoid locking yourself down in a long term contract your first time. Your wages are not going to be great, but your goal is to develop greatly over the season, so ideally you’d like to be back on the market next summer. This is particularly helpful if you mess up with your chosen team. Lock up a one-year contract with the best room for growth, then try again with your dream organization after the season when you have more bargaining strength. Each attribute has a ceiling dependent on your archetype combination, player position, weight, height, and wingspan. Essentially, the attribute cap for multiple stats will increase or decrease accordingly as you make changes. Thankfully, NBA 2K19 has made a great quality of life update that allows you to inspect your attribute cap at any point in the character creation process. We know, it is incredibly tempting to want the ball in your hands making plays on every single possession. It is simply not realistic from a teammate grade perspective. Keep in mind that every time your teammate ignores you when asking for a pass, your teammate grade takes a minor hit. This NBA 2K19 subtle way of telling you that basketball is a team game. You have four teammates on the court with you at all times. You can’t be expected, nor should you, do everything.