Animals capture the fashion circle! Gucci's latest animal totem bag is coming!

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On May 28th, Italian time, the long-awaited GucciCruise2018 officially kicked off. Under the gorgeous scenery of Florence, the Pitti Palace seems to have staged a grand Renaissance.

Because the Gucci show has just ended, there are no bags for this animal totem at present. But the patterns of animals and insects have long been the favorite of female stars!

For example, the bag of insects that Gucci had before can be said to be extremely popular! A few days ago, Ni Ni went to the airport to carry this bag at the airport.

The insect pattern on the lock has become an important embellishment for the entire bag, making the striped bag that is already very mature and old.

Not only that, this Gucci bamboo handle bag that LadyGaga took is also animal-like. This Replica Discount Bag is just her big love. It takes the same one for both street shots. Can match the sexy little woman route, quite versatile!

In addition to the Replica Cheap Gucci Bag, this year's Fendi launched FendiKanI also uses insect elements - the butterfly is designed on the bag. From the cute girl's Tang Yizhen to the old goddess Li Bingbing, they also carried this bag. The girl's full-featured butterfly pattern is set on the bag, and it looks younger and more cute. It can be said that it is a must-have for age reduction~

Loewe's family is also famous for its animal-shaped bags, such as the cute elephant and the national treasure panda. Compared to the luxury style that Gucci has been walking, Loewe is more inclined to take the cute route~

It seems that so much, it is worth noting that these are all bags designed in the shape of animals or insects. However, in the early spring of 2018, Gucci used animal totem patterns. In the existing three designs, the fox and leopard make the whole bag look more domineering.

Therefore, although the bag has not yet been listed, according to the past female star's love for this element, it should soon set off a frenzy of Fake Cheap Gucci Handbags Online, wait and see!


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