Podcast: Cincinnati Reds sign Mike Moustakas to 4 year, $64 million deal

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We knew that December 2nd, 2019 was going to be a busy day for both the Cincinnati Reds and Major League Baseball as a whole Lucas Sims Jersey. It was the non-tender deadline, meaning clubs across the baseball landscape were crunching numbers to determine which of their arbitration-eligible players were worth keeping around given how much they were expected to cost for 2020, and a fresh crop of new free agents were about to hit the open market.What we didn expect - nobody did, really - was that news of the Reds agreeing to a 4 year, $64 million contract with free agent Mike Moustakas was in the cards. The deal has yet to be officially announced by the Reds, but after almost every single local and national writer has endorsed their sources as confirming it done, it pretty safe to say that Moose is about to be announced as the club record free agent signing in a matter of days, if not hours. The RR Podcast crew got together to discuss the details, and you can catch up on that, the team decision to non-tender both Kevin Gausman and Jose Peraza, and where the Reds go from here in their big-spending winter by punching that big orange play button below. If that been stripped out of this by whichever browser overlord youe using, however, you can click this link and listen to us on SoundCloud. Turn on, tune in, and drop your catcher mask like youe Tucker Barnhart tracking a pop-up foul ball


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